About OpenMap and Community Air Monitoring

Everyone has the right to breathe clean air. At Clarity, we leverage our expertise in air sensing technology, IoT devices, and data analytics to create solutions that revolutionize the way we understand and respond to air pollution.

Headquartered in the Bay Area with team members hailing from all over the world, we saw a need for accurate, real-time air quality data in communities without air quality monitors and began publicly releasing Clarity data during the Northern California fires in October 2017. Since then, we continue to make more of our global air pollution network accessible to the public.

Fast forward to September 2018, we wondered how we could strengthen our current efforts of deploying high density monitoring networks with governments to make a more immediate impact. Our next steps were clear – we had to empower the people we have always set out to help and bring actionable air quality data directly to communities at an accessible price point.

"High resolution" air quality data enables clean air action previously impossible to achieve with limited measurement points. By analyzing the output of dozens of Clarity Nodes, we can identify previously unknown pollution sources that affect air quality in whole neighborhoods, and we can evaluate the impact of Clean Air policies (such as car-free days) to see if they are effective in protecting us from pollution.

In joining this community air monitoring effort, you will be able to quantify your personal air pollution exposure and help create one of the densest air quality data networks to date - the first step towards taking effective clean air action.