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Why Monitor Air Pollution?

One of the greatest air pollution threats to our health, PM2.5 particles are small enough to be easily inhaled, bypassing the body's first lines of defense to penetrate deep into the lungs and enter the circulatory system.

PM2.5 is known to trigger or worsen heart and lung diseases, including chronic conditions such as asthma, heart attacks, bronchitis, and other respiratory problems leading to premature deaths. Studies have shown PM2.5 exposure significantly impacts our cognitive abilities. 

It is important to know what we are breathing and take action to reduce air pollution exposure.

Community Air Monitoring

We believe community air monitoring has the potential to impact entire cities. Deploy your own Clarity Node to quantify air pollution not represented by existing monitors.

Ask your own questions, collect your own data, and advocate for your community with science.

Does the Community Edition of the Clarity Node meet all your air monitoring needs? We also have air monitoring services for Smart Cities measuring more pollutants with advanced research and policy applications.

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Leading the Clean Air Movement

Clarity is focused on making a positive impact in the world by tackling the global air pollution crisis with smarter data.

Our story began in 2014 as students at UC Berkeley, where we developed a wearable air quality monitor and laser-based particulate matter sensor. Today, we continue to leverage our expertise in air sensing technology, IoT devices, and data analytics to help governments and organizations take the first step towards clean air action. 

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Technical Specs



Technology: Laser light scattering | Range: 0 - 1000 µg/m3 | Resolution: 1 µg/m3

Accuracy: Typical accuracy ± 10 µg/m3 or 10% of measured value | Correlation (R2) with FEM instrument > 0.8 

Total VOCs (coming soon, hardware enabled)

Technology: Metal Oxide Semiconductor | Range: 0 - 60,000 ppb | Resolution: 1 ppb

Accuracy: Typical accuracy 15% of measured value

Equivalent CO2 (coming soon, hardware enabled)

Technology: Metal Oxide Semiconductor | Range 0 - 60000 ppm | Resolution: 1 ppm

Accuracy: Typical accuracy 15% of measured value | *CO2 equivalence based on hydrogen measurement


Technology: Band-gap | Range: -40 - 125 °C | Resolution: 0.01 °C

Accuracy: Typical accuracy ±0.2 °C | *internal device temperature might be higher than ambient temperature

Relative Humidity

Technology: Capacitive | Range: 0 - 100 %RH | Resolution: 0.01 %RH

Accuracy: Typical accuracy ±2% | *internal device humidity might be lower than ambient humidity

Third party evaluations of the Clarity node can be found here.

Power Specifications

Average Power Consumption | 200 mW

Maximum Power Consumption | 9 W

Input Voltage | 5 V

Operating Conditions

Weatherproof Rating | IPX3

Operating Temperature | -10 to 55 °C

Absolute Temperature Rating | -40 to 70 °C

Operating Humidity | 10 to 90 %

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